Tour du Benin: Our sponsors

All the kilometers, water breaks and sore muscles would not be possible without help from those who donated to the event. And after the run, their support continues through the organization of camps, programs and scholarships to promote gender empowerment in Benin.

Susan H.

Tom and Therese G.

Jose Hector V.

Christopher W.

Jen E.

Adam K.

Paula P.

Dan A.

Christy P.

Steve and Carla M.

Amy E.

Eileen E.

Gary and Joyce V.

Ariel G.

Martina S.

Andrew G.

Anna C.

Marjorie W.

Eileen D.

Anna H.

Carol and Bryan B.

Amy B.

Susie K.

Anita D.

Tim S.

Sally S.

David C.

Sue S.

Laura T.

JooLee M.

Mary H.

It’s not too late! To join in, visit our fundraising page on

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